Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Can you do me a Quick Card????

Last night my mam decided to tell me that she needed a card for a little boy that she takes to school on the school bus, He's 10... So out came the stamps & card. It was done quickly, but I have used "George" from the Molly Bloom stamp range.  I just love Molly Bloom and coming up in the next few days I'll be colouring some stamps from the new Summer range which I purchased this weekend from Dainty Supplies in Washington, They are Honestly to die for. Anyway back to the card, I hope you like it

I've Added George on Ebay

Angelic x

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zane said...

I've been using angelic cards for sometime now and can say that I've never been disappoint yet! They are truly amazing! Once you buy one you will never go to a card shop again. You can see the time and effort that has been spent in each card. Best if all there unique and every occasion is catered for!