Sunday, 10 July 2011

I Need some chocolate to make me think...

Sorry there was post yesterday, Me & my friends Children were doing some craft & Evie who is 4 came up with I need some chocolate to make me think.... I couldn't stop laughing. Nyah who is 7 colours in so beautifully & she has made some lovely cards for her Mam & Dad.

So last night when they left I made a few cards, I've been asked to make 3 men's cards for some one who loves fishing. The 1st card is an everyday card & could be used for a male or female & was really simple to do.

The 2nd card took a little longer to make & I wanted to show you that anyone can make a mans card. I used Decoupage & Added "Dad" from a stamp which I got from Docrafts.

I hope that I shown you that Cards for men don't have to be difficult because you can't put flowers on them to fill the card out... Sometimes less is more...

I still have one more card to do which i'll be doing today & it will be on here tomorrow
See you tomorrow

Angelic x

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