Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Pretty Butterflies ...

I want to share this pretty Butterfly Card with you, It was a quick Christening card that i made for my friends Mam, I tried to keep it really simple & put a really nice verse in the middle, Stamped some flowers around the edge, & Used my can't do with out Paper pen... The lovely butterflies started off white & I used a nice stamp in pink & it matched in quite well with the colour of the card & the flowers around the verse, For the envelope I used some Velum & tied a ribbon around the middle & a tag to write on who the card was for & from. I let you decide if I've done a good job...
Top view of card

Easy Bow

Card wrapped in Velum
I hope you liked the design of the card, I really wanted to make this a simple but lovely card & try out different designs. Oh I just love Butterflies so I added a few of them ... I have to let you in on a secret ... I forgot to take a photo of the "New Home" Card last night so, there will be a different card on Friday for you ... I have already told myself off!!!

So... until Tomorrow

Angelic x

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