Friday, 12 August 2011

2 for 1...

Today i decided to share 2 cards with you, The first card was one which I made for an order I got on Face book for a 60th Birthday (Every day card) I used my Flexi markers to colour in "Best Wishes" & then used paper which I had in my Craft cupboard & took the middle out of the card & used some spare matching paper to put in the middle of the card to create a Tent card, I must let you know that this card was for a man &  I think its a really nice idea for a mans card.... The 2nd card was for a special friend & I decided that I would do it Pink & black, I'm really enjoying the "New Black Range" Its not to every ones taste, but I know allot of you are liking them... anyway I've gone on too much so here are the pictures...

Black Range

Hand made Chinese roses

My Favorite Butterfly

New addition to my bow

60th Birthday card for a male

Coloured with Flexi Markers

After having my well deserved rest last night, I'm back in my craft room.... I have loads of cards to do this weekend so I'll be sharing them all with you over the next week. Also I'm going to be doing some christening invitations for Nyah & Evie... Nyah is picking all the colours & she has done a really good job so I should be doing them really soon, so keep an eye out for them...

Until Tomorrow

Angelic x

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