Friday, 19 August 2011

I'm back ...

I'm back on line & I've really missed not being able to spend much time on my blog ... Well i sent off my Christmas invitations & I should be able to post them on the blog tomorrow, So you have to tune in for that. Well back to today's post ... I sent my card for a new baby girl & she loved it so I'm able to post it now, here it is ...
Front view

Side view

A lovely metal teddy bear

Hand coloured with Flexi markers
So there it is my lovely baby card, I hope you liked it... Tonight I'm making Nyah's final edition of her invitation & making 1 wedding card & 1 anniversary card. I'm really excited to make the wedding card because the colour theme is Raspberry & jade green.. Honestly they look really good together wait & see. Anyway I'm going to get cracking now doing my cards & I'll be back tomorrow... Until then ...

Angelic x

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