Sunday, 21 August 2011

the "Vellum" Range Wedding Invitations

Well I had a really nice day yesterday making Wedding invitations. The theme was butterflies & Royal Blue... So I decided to use  oval flower die & do some Chocolate bows either in white or royal blue. The pack consisted of:
Daytime Invitation
Evening Invitation
Name Card
Thank you card
Acceptance card

I'm going to put all my invitations over on my Etsy shop today & try & figure out how to put he button on my blog.... So here they are ...

Name, Acceptance & Thank You Cards

Day & Evening Invitations

The Vellum Range
So there it is I hope you like them ... I'm going to send them off tomorrow so its a bit of a sneak preview. Today I'm going to be doing something different ... woo yes i;m going to be doing pictures which an be small or large, so I'll be posting them on my blog tomorrow... So until then ...

Angelic x

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