Saturday, 3 September 2011

All done & In the post ....

I've got a treat for you today, I have the finished Thank you cards & the Sugar flowers that my mam has just done for a cake. I'm really proud of her & after helping her arange them on the cake, I think they just look so real, First I want to show you the finished thank you cards 40 in total, 1 blister & a snapped handle which completely snapped off my Spell Binder... So today I've just ordered a Big Shot pro which is made from industrial materials. so here is the card
Front view

I found this lovely butterfly

Made with my paper pen

Just Half of the cards

Side view
 And here is the Sugar Flowers that Mam made... I know don't they look real??? they are a mix of Roses & Freisa & they are really hard work to do...
Flowers arranged on the cake

One rose with rose leaves

Close up of a rose

Close up of petals
So there they are & I hope my post was worth the wait seeing as I was naughty & did'nt post aything yesturday, Tonight I've got 6 more cards to do so i'll share them with you next week ... until tomorrow

Angelic x

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Samantha said...

WOW those flowers absolutely put mine to shame. They are amazing, wish mine were like that.