Sunday, 25 September 2011

Guest Designers Nyah & Evie ...

Well the time has came ... I spent the afternoon with Nyah & Evie making their Auntie's birthday card & all though I can't post it on Face book because it will be seen & won't be a surprise! In the the end we deiced to make2 box cards so they could decorate it as they liked ...
Evie's Card ...
Evie decorating her card

Evie's card half way

Evie's really pleased with her card
 Evie is only four & her card was really good, we had so much fun & you can just see Bob on the chair as he can't miss out on the adventure!
Nyah's Card ...
Nyah looking for things to decorate her card

Nyah Decorating her card

Nyah's card half way

Nyah going to make a bow!
Nyah is seven & is really creative she has some good ideas & know what colours go with other colours. Her Auntie's colours were Yellow & Black & Nyah found some good stuff in my craft boxes to use...
Nyah's finished card & it looks so good I just know he Auntie is going to love this

Nyah's Card
 Evie's Card is so colourful & is really sparkly. The box when its closed have loads of beautiful Butterflies, & just know that her Auntie is going to love this one as well, because I think shh done such a good job!

Evie's card
So we had such a great afternoon making these cards & it would mean the world to Nyah & Evie if you could leave them a comment. As I have said at the beginning that it will be n Face book 30th September so see you then this afternoon I'm making my London Card which is a great challenge so tune in for that
Until then

Angelic x

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