Saturday, 24 September 2011

Guest Designers today ...

I'm really sorry I haven't posted for 2 days ... I've been getting ready for my 2 guest designers today & I'm really excited, so I'm gong to show you their stamp for their creation but I can't post it on Face book yet because the person might just see the card& the surprise will be spoilt so it will go on there on 30th September but you will see it tomorrow so please tune in & give Nyah & Evie your comments ... also today I'm posting a box card which was for a birthday ...
Guest designers Stamp

Middle of the card

I loved making these roses

Top of the box card

All wrapped up
Well .. this is a busy week ahead because I have got allot of cards to make & some challenges because I have to make a London card ... you'll see what I mean when I post it ... so as I said tomorrow Guest designer card & please leave a comment it would mean the world to Nyah & Evie x

Until then ...

Angelic x

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