Thursday, 1 September 2011

My Handle Fell off......

I can't believe it... My handle of my Spell Binder fell off OMG!!! So I've had to try to fix it back on with Tape, so I'll let you know tomorrow if its worked because I have to finish off the Thank you cards & I hope I manage it... So Any way I was making 40 Thank you cards last night & I'm really doing well all that is let is the ribbons & the back of the card so here is a little sneak peek & you'll see the finished card tomorrow..

Front of card

The best Find that I have Found

Little dots made from my world paper pen

I Think they are going to look really pretty when they are all finished & I've decided to put a little pram on the envelopes, But you'll see it all tomorrow when I've finished....

Until then

Angelic x

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