Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sympathy Card ...

Now I know its a strange card to make but you really can't get a nice sympathy card & I know that they don't really stand for a nice occasion but believe me when your upset a nice card with nice words can make you smile. So I was really pleased when I was asked to make one. I used Anna Griffin Papers & a lovely glitter butterfly.. so here it is

So Simple

Lovely Butterfly

Lovely Ribbon mixed with chiffon & Bias

Inside of the card

So as you can see that would brightening up someone and put a little smile on their face at there worse moment... I really hope you liked it. Tonight I'm making an engagement & Wedding card so I'll be sharing one of them with you tomorrow .... Oh and the best friend card that I made for a lady off Face book really loved the card & thought it was soooo pretty I was really happy!!!

So until tomorrow

Angelic x

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