Friday, 7 October 2011

Everything stopped!! I had a migrane...

I'm sooooo sorry for not posting anything yesterday, but I had a migraine after work & just couldn't use the computer which makes this weekend so busy, Tonight I'm posting a modern male card & I have just realised that i keep using this stamp so I apologise & I promise the next Male card I use will be different & in fact I'm making a male card this weekend, So here is the card ...
Male Birthday Card 

Stamped by using Green glitter

Bow using Bias Binding & blue paper
Button & Paper used for a stopper 
 I do really like the colours on this card & i had to leave the card so I'm not sure what he person thought of it , but I'll find out on Tuesday.

Tonight I have to make a card for someone in work its just an easy card so I'll post it tomorrow, So until then ....

Angelic x

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