Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Handmade Chrysanthemums ....

OMG ...I made these flowers night I'm still in shock because they look like a real chrysanthemum I did 3 different sizes using the paper that I had used through out the card I used my favorite paper from & Company  I Know that your going to say " Not another Easel" but the fact is because can't get them in the shops everyone wants one I'm going to sell them on eBay 3 of each size & 3 of my special bows for £6 but if you want to buy them off my blog just email me at Sugarfairy1@live.co.uk..... so here are the flowers
My Chrysanthemum's that I hand made

Little baby ones
Special Bow made with  Bias & Ribbon

My Lovely Card
So here it is a lovely thank you card & those flowers just make it all different & I really loved making them ... so don't forget you can buy them just for £6 just drop me an email ... night I have to make another birthday card which I will be making these lovely flowers again ... so tomorrow I'll be posting a thank you card for a man so tune in for that (I promise its not an easel!!!) so until then

Angelic x

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