Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Nyah & Evies Christening Cards....

I know that these cards aren't your normal "Christening Card" but that's because Nyah is 8 & Evie is nearly 5 (that's if her mam lets her be 5..) So its their day & Nyah has designed her invites & everything so I decided to make them a card what they would want. Evie just loves Red & Black & I made her Ladybird & Flower out of  paper using the QUILLING technique & I was so impressed with myself. Nyah's card was easy because she loved one of my Pink & Black cards on my blog so I decided to make it pink & Put a black sparkly butterfly on the corner. I personalised the middle by saying thank you for letting me join them on Their christening ... I'm sure  they will love them ... Anyway I have went on far too much here is the cards
Nyah & Evie's Cards
Evie's Card
I even quilled the button on the ribbon

Lady Bird made from paper

I made this flower I'm so impressed ...
Nyah's Card

Black sparkly butterfly

Nyah loves hangy things ... so I put one on her ribbon
So they are like my wine tags ... But sometimes cards that stand up get a bit boring & so I decided to make these so that they can hang them anywhere and they would stand out which I am sure they will .... Tonight I'm making 2 box cards for Nyah & Evie's Auntie & uncle but I'm sorry that i can't post them on my blog till Sunday ... but tomorrow I'll be posting the train card that I was asked to make for a thanks given Naming day ...

So until then
Angelic x

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