Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Nyah's Birthday Card ...

Nyah was eight today & I really wanted to make her a nice card because she really is talented because she knows what colours go with each other & her cards are brilliant for her age. So my task was hard because I started to make it last night & had to finish the bag off just now.... so here is the card

Butterfly card for Nyah who is 8

The wings covered in K & Co paper

Lovely handmade flowers

The tally that you write on

Back of the card
Close up of the handmade flower on the card
Well what do you think, I think its perfect for Nyah & the colour blue is Nyah's favourite so I tried to use blue paper. I'll let you know tomorrow what she thought of it... Tonight after Bells I have to make a Birthday card  for a Dad & I know that male cards can be hard to make so I think you'll love the one tomorrow....

So until then

Angelic x


zane said...

Nyah loved loved this card it now has pride of place on the mantle piece, all other cards have been pushed to one side!! she was amazed at it and thinks Angela is FAB!!! the photo doesn't do it any justice its much better in real life!! nyah thinks Angela is the cleverest person in the world!!

Anonymous said...

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