Friday, 14 October 2011

Sneak peek of Christmas...

Well I really wanted to show you all of the Anna Griffin cards together but because I haven't been able to do them this week I've decided to show you what I had done so far ... They aren't finished off as I have to add some bling & Sparkle but the cards are really lovely and are ideal for anyone, When I finish them I'll be able to show you all the cards in the pack. Next Month I'll be showing you special cards for your loved one at Christmas, they are bigger & have allot more work done to them. So fr now here is the Anna Griffin Cards ..
different Styles
Flowers & much more

Glittery & Sparkly

Each card Has a verse / Quote
Well this is just a taster & maybe next week I will be able to show all 50 cards, I'm selling them fro 75p each at Work, But I will be making special cards as well. So please keep an eye out for them... I hoped you liked my Anna Griffin cards & I'll see you tomorrow

Until then

Angelic x

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