Tuesday, 8 November 2011

I Love my Cricut ....

I Just love this machine, I Can't believe that I didn't use it for 5 years .... was I mad!!!! I was asked to make this card for a 5 year old & I decided to see if I could use the Cricut .... & I did i made a 5 then a cupcake stuck them together & OMG I surprised myself. The Friend was also made with the cricut & I think that I'll be using this design for the shop which I'm going to try & Mae some tonight after Kettles.... So here is the card!!

My 5 cupcake card

Quilled sweets
Friend made with my Cricut
 Well there it is my Cupcake card which I still need to make the tag for the back of the card then its ready. I might even sprinkle some glitter on the cupcake because every one loves glitter .... so I'll be back tomorrow with another one of my cards ... so until then

Angelic x

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