Tuesday, 22 November 2011

New Home

Well for this card my instructions were
- A House
- Green
- No. 50

So I had bit think about it & I think this card ticked all the boxes .... I did however do some quilling for the flowers & leaves in the plant pots, I also added a little house for the tag & it was "GREEN" .... so here is the card made with the Cricut ...
New Home Card

Full View

Flower boxes made out of scrap paper & the flowers & Leaves have been quilled
The little house tag which you can write your message on the other side
I have to tell you before  forget .... I give up using my world paper pens because they would burst all over when they dried out ... so the dots were used with 3D paint & I must say its much better ... Tonight I have to finish off a card for a special girl ... so tune in for that tomorrow ... well if I finish it .... so until then ...

Angelic x

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