Monday, 21 November 2011

They are Novelty Cards you know .....

Well as the statement in the tittle said " They are Novelty cards you know" .. Mam came up with this yesterday & it just made me laugh ... I've been making a few cards with the cricut & I have got this card here to show you. The background to the card is its for Twins & Its for their christening day but they aren't babies so the traditional card for christening just wouldn't do.... so I deiced to do 2 little vests on a coat hanger & put their initials on the chest ... so here it is.
Christening card with a difference

initials added

Little coat hangers add detail
Little verse on the tag where you can write on the other side
I really enjoyed making this card & It has lots of detail on it so allot of work went into making it .... just hope that they like it, tomorrow  have a castle card to how you .... so until then ...

Angelic x

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