Friday, 18 November 2011

Wedding Favour Boxes...

Well I deiced to show you the boxes / purses, Because they are just so pretty & Would be lovely at a wedding sitting on the table waiting for your guests. The bows can be changed to any colour. The boxes are like mini present boxes & the Purses open & close like a bag.... You could fill them with anything, but what I would do is get a Lottery ticket because that would be ideal for a man Or a woman, so here they are my "Wedding Favour Boxes" ....
 Favour Purse

Favour Box
 So do you like them? I think there are & even though the picture doesn't show the box / Purse being embossed but they are Tonight I have a lot of cards to do so I'll be able to show you them very soon.... So until Tomorrow

Angelic x

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