Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Mothers Day Card ...

Well I did say that I was working on "project" last night & Da da da daaaaa I managed it & I am so proud at the results, I thought I'd make a Bouquet .... but with paper flowers & the ladies in Country Baskets must have thought I was mad when I was telling what I was planning to make ..... so here it is

Bouquet of paper Flowers

Little Card just makes it special

Up close with the flowers

The Little card goes inside the envelope
So was it worth the wait???? ... This is what my Mam is getting for her Mother's Day Card & I just know that she'll love. I have 18 to make for people in different colours so I am soo excited to start them, Tonight I'm making the same kind of card but its a Hollywood theme so black gold & red soooo you have to come back to see that one which will be done for Sunday... so until then

Angelic x

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