Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Handbag card ...

Well I'm back ... I've been so busy I've just finished 50 butterfly Invitations for a christening in Scotland & don't forget the 30 flower cards that I made for Mother's Day. Mam finally got her card made on Sunday morning at 2am .... what a panic I had dying to get it finished! I've came back today to show you my hand bag card that I made just for a change from the normal square card, I used my cricut to make the handles & the paper was from Kim & Co. So I'll stop going on & just let you see the picture ...
My handbag card & handmade flower

Inside view
I Tried to make the inside of the card like the inside of a handbag. I put the pocket on the other side. On the front of the card I put another working pocket so if you wanted to put something inside of it you could. I really enjoyed making this card because it was so different... I have lots of cards to make over the next week & I have 200 christening invitations to make shortly & I would love to create a new design for them ... so keep an eye out for them.

So until then

Angelic x

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