Monday, 11 March 2013

Numbers for tables (Centre Pieces) ....

I've been sooooo Busy its been wild & Mother's day just cropped up too quick on me & I've just had so many orders to finish that I can now start to share them with you.... Today I'm sharing a little cupcake made with Paper flowers that would just be perfect for a centre piece on your tables of your events maybe with the table numbers or the names that you are calling your tables for your event ...

Can be made in any colour

Different Styles
So how super cute are they!!!!! I started to make the first on 11.30pm which wasn't a great idea because I didn't stop until 2am I just got so adjudicated making them, So far this is the best project that I have designed. Only problem is that I have to make something better next year... Oh Dear!

I'm busy now making Thank you cards for a customer so I'll be able to show you the other 2 different invitations that I have made .... So until tomorrow Lots of love Angelic xx

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