Thursday, 27 June 2013

Butterfly Christening Invitations ....

I'm so excited ... Ive got allot of new projects & I'm going to be attending a few Wedding Fayre's so if you live in the North East of England you will be able to see my designs & feel the quality of my work. I've just finished some Christening invitations for a little girl & I have been dying to show them to you.
Front View of the invitation
 I deiced to decorate the front of the invitation & all of the detail will go on the back....

So from the the beginning , the Front View, right Bottom is the back of the invite.
I shaped the card in a lovely flower design, & the customer loved them!! PHEW!

I', busy at the moment making a few samples for "Save the Date" Vintage Style so I'll be sharing them with you when I've given them to the bride to be....

Toodles .... Angelic xx

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