Monday, 28 July 2014

Shabby Chic Wedding Invitations ...


I've got a little time to share some of my invitations with you that I have been really busy making.

My first is for a Bride which got married at Las Vegas & is having an evening reception back home. The colours were latte, pink, champagne, ivory. I decided to make this invite a different shape & I loved the way it came out, but they weighed a tonne......

Shabby Chic Invitations
The top photo is the front of the invitations with "Mr & Mrs Clarke to be......", Then the invite opened out and in the photo bottom left hand corner on the inside is where the name of the guests would be, the next page was a little poem about getting married in secret at Las Vegas & the last page was the details of the venue for the evening reception.

I loved making these invitations & I'll soon be showing you a photo book keepsake that can be given to the Bride & Groom in the same style as their invitations.

Lots of Love Angelic x  

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