Monday, 29 September 2014

Santa's Christmas Letters ...

I know its only September but Its only 3 months till Christmas eeeeeeeeeeek!!!!!, So back to the post I was asked to design & make Santa's Christmas letter's & parcels for www.madewithloveandlittlekisses even i was surprised at how well they turned out.
Official Letter from Santa Claus with envelope

Top left: Envelope & decorated box middle left: back of the envelope
So the letter is personalised with the information that you give, the envelope on the front is decorated with a little tag & on the back is a candle wax stamp.

Santa's Christmas parcels
Santa's parcels come with a personalised letter, a magic key, Reindeer food & all boxed up in a decorated box addressed to your child.

Taking advanced orders now...

Lots of love Angelic xx

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